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Advance Ballastt R-2S40-1-TP Ballast for 2F34T12 Lamps 120V
Advance Ballastt R-2S40-1-TP Ballast for 2F34T12 Lamps 120V
Item# ADVR2S401TP

Product Description

Buy Now!! Advance R-2S40-1-TP magnetic ballast. This ballast powers 2 F34T12, F40T12, F34T12/U, F40T12/U, or F40T10 lamps at an input voltage of 120 volts. This ballast is no longer manufactured by Philips Advance, thus quantities are dwindling. When available, Lighting Solutions will ship the old magnetic version. If the magnetic version is not available Lighting Solutions will ship an electronic ballast from Howard Lighting. This unit wires exactly the same as the magnetic version and will fit in the lighting fixture the same. The advantages to this electronic version are.

Lighter Weight

Produces Less Heat

Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Operates more Quietly than the Magnetic Ballast

If this is not acceptable please contact Lighting Solutions for other options.